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We offer a training program through Boss Dogs. Boss Dogs is ran and owned by Danielle Whitman out of her home. She is a certified dog trainer and a great friend. 

This training program takes place as soon as your puppy reaches 8 weeks of age. He/She would go straight to Danielle where he/she would live inside her home and be worked with several times a day on potty training, crate training, basic obedience and an introduction to a leash. He/she would go on many outings learning how to behave in a public place and become more confident in new situations. 

The total cost of the 6 week training program is $3,200. 

So, what's included and what can you expect when you pick your puppy up after the 6 week training program? 


-All food is provided by us.

-Puppy will receive final vaccinations.

-Puppy will be flea treated.

-Puppy will receive a full vet check before going home.

-Puppy will be kept groomed.

-Puppy will continue to be dewormed.





-Your preference of on or off furniture-Off command



-Impulse Control


-Will know to go outside to go potty.

-Will potty on command.

-Will know "kennel" command.

-Will be comfortably sleeping through the night in kennel.


-Will have been around many other dogs learning to play.

-Will meet many new people.

-Will go on many outings to new places.

-Will go for car rides.

-Will be desensitized to bathing, blow dryer, nail clipping and other grooming tools.

-Will have been around many children.

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