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Bleeding During Pregnancy?

There is ALWAYS something new to learn in breeding. You truly think you've seen it all, until something new happens. Hopefully my story will give hope to those who may be experiencing the same as I had.

Our sweet Winter is just over 6 weeks pregnant. A week ago on Friday (34 days pregnant) I had noticed some drops of blood on the floor. I thought for sure it was one of my younger girls, Nova, as I thought she was coming into season. I still decided to check everyone and when I did, I found it was Winter. My pregnant girl bleeding.

I quickly pulled out my ultrasound to find that there were still several puppies who looked to be fine and moving around, but what do I know? I am not a vet. I didn't go to school for it. Maybe they weren't the right size?!

I ran her into the vet where he did an ultrasound and confirmed all fetal heart beats. Our plan was to continue to monitor her behavior, the bleeding and the puppies round the clock and to start a course of 10 day antibiotics.

She passed 3 clot looking pieces that were very decently sized. The vet and I agree that there may have been one or two puppies that didn't make it and her body recognized it and expelled them. The concerning thing was that her cervix was obviously open and we needed to prevent any sort of infection for Winters health.

I followed winter around like a puppy dog (pun intended) everyday checking her every hour. Watching how she ate, watching how she acted. I would stand by the door and watch her every move. After she would go to the bathroom, I would walk outside and check everything. Not joking, I think she's been quite annoyed with me.

As of now, it has been 48 hours since we noticed any spotting. I should clarify, the spotting was MINIMAL. There was not a lot at all, other than the three clots. It was never a continuous drip, it was more a little bit here and there. It was brown.

Winter is 100% normal and we are confident she will go on with no other complications and deliver a very healthy beautiful litter. This is Winters last litter and Silas' first litter, so these puppies are very special to me(not like all other puppies I have aren't).

Through this crazy adventure I spent HOURS researching, talking to other breeders and reading other people's stories and found that this happens a lot more than we think. Usually when this happens, they are having a larger litter. Winter usually has 11 puppies as it is- that's already a large litter!

20 days until these beautiful, healthy babies are due! I can't wait to meet them!

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