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Always something new...

As most of the people who follow us on social media know, our Mila recently absorbed her puppies. She was confirmed pregnant with several pups and 2 weeks from her due date I started getting suspicious because she wasn't showing... I did a ultrasound on her and couldn't see anything.. my heart dropped.

The next day she was brought into the vet and was given an x-ray and an ultrasound. The vet could see the fluid filled pockets where puppies once were, but are no longer. I had heard of dams absorbing their puppies but simply thought it had to be a really traumatic situation for something like this to happen. Every thought in my head was "what did I do wrong?", "what could I have done different?', and "I'm a failure". I started her on antibiotics, even though the vet said it wasn't necessary...UHHHH EXCUSE ME?!?! FLUID IN THE UTERUS?!?! PYOMETRA IN THE MAKING. I am not saying I am a qualified vet, I'm just saying I would way rather be safe than sorry.

Here's the thing... my dogs are my babies. My friends tell me all the time how crazy I am with them because I treat them the same as I do with my human children. Guess what?!?!?! I'M NOT SORRY! I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR IT. Don't ask me to, or there won't be a friendship. I don't mean to come off as harsh, but my dogs aren't just "pets'. They don't just hang out outside and get fed twice a day. They go everywhere with us (unless pregnant).

My theory is the stress from the move caused Mila to absorb. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. It could have been a number of things. My goal is to not take this too much to heart but to take it in as a learning experience and move on from it.

Mila is as happy as can be acting like nothing happened. She is her same quirky self. Most know that Mila is my 'heart dog'. She means the world to me. She replaced a loss that I thought I would never get over. This doesn't mean I don't love all my dogs equal, but Mila is so special to me. I love everything about her.

I realize some think I am overreacting about the loss of the puppies-so be it. Maybe I am in your eyes...but my puppies mean a lot to me. Today, Im choosing to be grateful. For what? For a healthy mama dog (Mila). For a healthy Nova litter that is on the way, A healthy 7 year old lab. A healthy stud- who adores me. Great puppy owners who love their pups like I did- and would. And most of all, a great team of people behind me....My family, my friends, and my puppy parents. So many reached out just to tell me how sorry they were. I'm truly grateful for all of this...

Breeding sucks sometimes.. would I ever change it? Nope. Will I probably go through more traumatic things? Yep. Will I ever give up? Hell. No. I'm living out my passion and I love every step of it.

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