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  • Cassi

As most of the people who follow us on social media know, our Mila recently absorbed her puppies. She was confirmed pregnant with several pups and 2 weeks from her due date I started getting suspicious because she wasn't showing... I did a ultrasound on her and couldn't see anything.. my heart dropped.

The next day she was brought into the vet and was given an x-ray and an ultrasound. The vet could see the fluid filled pockets where puppies once were, but are no longer. I had heard of dams absorbing their puppies but simply thought it had to be a really traumatic situation for something like this to happen. Every thought in my head was "what did I do wrong?", "what could I have done different?', and "I'm a failure". I started her on antibiotics, even though the vet said it wasn't necessary...UHHHH EXCUSE ME?!?! FLUID IN THE UTERUS?!?! PYOMETRA IN THE MAKING. I am not saying I am a qualified vet, I'm just saying I would way rather be safe than sorry.

Here's the thing... my dogs are my babies. My friends tell me all the time how crazy I am with them because I treat them the same as I do with my human children. Guess what?!?!?! I'M NOT SORRY! I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR IT. Don't ask me to, or there won't be a friendship. I don't mean to come off as harsh, but my dogs aren't just "pets'. They don't just hang out outside and get fed twice a day. They go everywhere with us (unless pregnant).

My theory is the stress from the move caused Mila to absorb. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. It could have been a number of things. My goal is to not take this too much to heart but to take it in as a learning experience and move on from it.

Mila is as happy as can be acting like nothing happened. She is her same quirky self. Most know that Mila is my 'heart dog'. She means the world to me. She replaced a loss that I thought I would never get over. This doesn't mean I don't love all my dogs equal, but Mila is so special to me. I love everything about her.

I realize some think I am overreacting about the loss of the puppies-so be it. Maybe I am in your eyes...but my puppies mean a lot to me. Today, Im choosing to be grateful. For what? For a healthy mama dog (Mila). For a healthy Nova litter that is on the way, A healthy 7 year old lab. A healthy stud- who adores me. Great puppy owners who love their pups like I did- and would. And most of all, a great team of people behind me....My family, my friends, and my puppy parents. So many reached out just to tell me how sorry they were. I'm truly grateful for all of this...

Breeding sucks sometimes.. would I ever change it? Nope. Will I probably go through more traumatic things? Yep. Will I ever give up? Hell. No. I'm living out my passion and I love every step of it.

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  • Cassi

There is ALWAYS something new to learn in breeding. You truly think you've seen it all, until something new happens. Hopefully my story will give hope to those who may be experiencing the same as I had.

Our sweet Winter is just over 6 weeks pregnant. A week ago on Friday (34 days pregnant) I had noticed some drops of blood on the floor. I thought for sure it was one of my younger girls, Nova, as I thought she was coming into season. I still decided to check everyone and when I did, I found it was Winter. My pregnant girl bleeding.

I quickly pulled out my ultrasound to find that there were still several puppies who looked to be fine and moving around, but what do I know? I am not a vet. I didn't go to school for it. Maybe they weren't the right size?!

I ran her into the vet where he did an ultrasound and confirmed all fetal heart beats. Our plan was to continue to monitor her behavior, the bleeding and the puppies round the clock and to start a course of 10 day antibiotics.

She passed 3 clot looking pieces that were very decently sized. The vet and I agree that there may have been one or two puppies that didn't make it and her body recognized it and expelled them. The concerning thing was that her cervix was obviously open and we needed to prevent any sort of infection for Winters health.

I followed winter around like a puppy dog (pun intended) everyday checking her every hour. Watching how she ate, watching how she acted. I would stand by the door and watch her every move. After she would go to the bathroom, I would walk outside and check everything. Not joking, I think she's been quite annoyed with me.

As of now, it has been 48 hours since we noticed any spotting. I should clarify, the spotting was MINIMAL. There was not a lot at all, other than the three clots. It was never a continuous drip, it was more a little bit here and there. It was brown.

Winter is 100% normal and we are confident she will go on with no other complications and deliver a very healthy beautiful litter. This is Winters last litter and Silas' first litter, so these puppies are very special to me(not like all other puppies I have aren't).

Through this crazy adventure I spent HOURS researching, talking to other breeders and reading other people's stories and found that this happens a lot more than we think. Usually when this happens, they are having a larger litter. Winter usually has 11 puppies as it is- that's already a large litter!

20 days until these beautiful, healthy babies are due! I can't wait to meet them!

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  • Cassi

We started feeding Life's Abundance a few years ago when we first started breeding. The reason we even began to feed it is because our Kaia (chocolate lab) lost almost all of her hair and was vomiting and had blood in her stool. We ran all these tests and couldn't figure out what was going on. $350 later and we figure out it was the food, Taste of the wild. After this I was set out to find recall free food as TOTW released a recall shortly after Kaia's experience.

At this time I had been contacting breeders to add a puppy to our family/breeding program. Through communication with this breeder she told me about Life's Abundance and how it was the ONLY recall free food. I figured, Uh yes! Of course I want to try it. Within a week Kaia's hair grew back and she looked way better!

So, all my dogs were on this food and then they tell me about the "Breeder Program" where you can pretty much get your food payed for by sales. I figured, why not! I knew going it it was a pyramid scheme, but figured whatever, this food is awesome and it WAS.

They have a Facebook group for the breeders on "my team" so the one who signed me up and signed her up and so on ands or forth. There were a few hundred members in this group. I want to say 800, but could be wrong. Anyways, as time went on in the group I noticed things changing. People who posted saying things like "my litters sizes have decreased since switching" or "I've had stool checked and there's no problems but my litter all has runny stool" or "my litter weights are much smaller than what they used to be" or "my dogs no longer have any interest in the food", these types of posts would not sit well with the die hard LA (life's abundance) breeders/distributors. They would basically tell the person, "no way not the food" "you're doing something wrong" "you're over feeding" "they much be getting something else" "there's no way that it's the food" or my favorite " write Dr. Jane".

Okay, so where did it all go wrong with me? Well, my dogs literally hated the food towards the end, and I forced it on them. Even my lab hated it and she likes EVERYTHING. My litter at the time had been born with smaller weights than I was used to, and I finally started realizing that this food was NOT working for us.

The Facebook page with the die hard LA people proved that this was the ONLY reason this company was recall free. The company hides behind it's breeders and distributors, how smart of them.

I left the Facebook group suddenly and on good terms. I didn't tell anyone I was leaving, but still had friends in the group. More problems arose so I stepped up when those people were getting put down about their dogs having problems on LA being their fault and I messaged them and told them "hey this is why I switched, you aren't crazy. These people just want you to feel crazy so they can claim it isn't the food".

I said it already above and it will say It again, the ONLY reason Life's Abundance is recall free is because it hides behind it's breeders and distributors. The food is NOT all that it's cracked up to be and it shouldn't be recall free with so many people who had problems and DID write into Dr. Jane, only to be told my her that they were the ONLY person to write in about it when there were several more.

Here's the thing, I do still love some of LA's products, their bio deodorizer is awesome and so is their dog fresh spray, but the food... not so much. I'm at the point now where I refuse to support a company that is not honest.

So what are we feeding now? Well, initially we switched to Wellness Complete Health Large Breed (NOT the grain free one) but one of our girls had a reaction. So we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried Purina Proplan Focus Large Breed. That was so hard for me to do because through LA I was always taught the Purina Proplan was garbage...

Let me tell you, my dogs have never looked better and have never had such great stools. Yes, I do add supplements into my dogs diet. We add Glucosamine, Probiotics, Salmon Oil and Vitamin C(very recently we started doing this).

Anyways, this is my story on why I switched from this company and why I don't support it anymore.

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